Current Projects

Medical Missions  Relief

The Espwa Foundation travels to Haiti annually to provide medical care and relief to the people of Cap Haitien. Over the years, we’ve built relationships with multiple clinics and communities, to include St. Anthony’s, Blue Hills, the children of EBAC orphanage, our Peace & Joy children, and anyone else who has requested assistance.
During the trips, we are constantly amazed by the amount of children suffering from easily treatable illnesses. We typically see an average of 100 patients per day and treat conditions such as malnutrition, abdominal parasites, skin infections (scabies and ringworm), upper respiratory infections, otitis media, vaginitis, hypertension, diabetes, malaria, and cholera.
Through partnerships and support, we bring medications and medical supplies from the US to treat patients, and we purchase additional medications, such as Albendazole, in-country. We are ALWAYS in need of children’s non-gummy multivitamins and prenatal vitamins which we are unable to purchase in Haiti.
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Peace and Joy Family Project  Develop

After several years of supporting the Peace & Joy Orphanage, it became clear that the living situation remained unsafe and was simply not the best option for the children. Espwa met with the orphanage’s leadership in 2013 and worked through many issues, ultimately deciding the best path forward was closing the orphanage. We discovered most of the children had living family – a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle – and were not truly ‘orphans’ in the typical sense of the word. Yet after forging relationships with the children, we still wanted to serve and bless them as they grew up. We came up with a plan where the kids were placed back in families (with relatives or a foster family) that we would continue to support.Peace & Joy logo clr 2
We’ve always sought ways to be a “hand up” to the families, not a “hand out.” We assist the families by paying each child’s school expenses (annually), healthcare (as needed), and a monthly stipend for living expenses. Our Haitian team members, Paul & Frantz, meet with the families monthly to disperse support, check in on the kids, and strengthen relationships. Our annual beach trip continues to be a glorious day of fun, food, laughs, smiles, and joy.
As our project has shifted from relief/rehabilitation into development, we’ve built on our foundation of trust to continue walking through life with the families. We’ve partnered with EBAC church to provide Christian ministry. We’ve discussed plans of stopping the monthly stipend with each family after 2017, giving them an opportunity to support their own families through small businesses. And we’ve committed to supporting each child’s education and medical care until they graduate school, while ultimately pointing each family to Christ’s love.
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Agrolide Farming Expansion  Develop

As with any great leader, Jovenel Kenold thinks big. After Espwa partnered with him and his Agrolide organization on the initial farm in Limonade, he decided to take his vision of feeding and training the poor to the next level. Agrolide’s sights are now set on a farm that is 10 times larger, 24.7 acres, in an area that is even more rural than before.
Jovenel envisions the tract of land in Phaeton becoming a community institution, serving its people and growing enough to live off the land. In other words, Agrolide would become a truly independent farming organization: growing, selling, serving, and leading the next generation of agronomists, and securing long term change for the better in Haiti.
The new farm site is still in its infant stages and will need to be cleared, irrigated, and further developed. These tasks require a lot of up front capital and your donation will go a long way toward realizing Jovenel’s dream.

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Haitian Choir Support  Develop

For years, we’ve been publicizing and supporting the beautiful sounds of choirs in the Cap Haitien area.  After finishing the Son de Soley album (see Success Stories page), we’ve continued to help the Gran Chorale, Chorale Lajenes, and Son de Soley.
In 2014, our friend Simon, the director of Gran Chorale, asked for support in fundraising for new performance robes for 85 people in the choirs.  We took on the project gladly and are still actively seeking your help so that we can reach our goal.

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Plane-du-Nord Hospital Project  Relief

Dr. Eugene Maklin devotes every waking moment of his life to serving his Haitian people and providing them with constant medical care and attention, whether it be at a clinic or driving to a remote area in need. He has always dreamed of building and managing his own hospital, so when Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population approached him in 2013 about this exact opportunity, he immediately took action.  The hospital will one day serve more than 250,000 Haitians in an area that has never had access to medical care.
Hospital construction is underway, and Dr. Maklin’s dream is slowly coming true with the help of his generous friends who believe in him and his work.  Espwa intends to provide medications and medical supplies for this hospital, as well as medical care to patients as part of our ongoing medical missions to Cap Haitien.  We look forward to this experience and are very excited to see this hospital become a blessing to so many in need.
Your donations to this project will be earmarked for an initial purchase of supplies and medications to stock the new hospital once it is completed.  If you desire to assist in the hospital’s ongoing construction, please visit the Haiti Mission Branche Nord website.

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